About me

I am a Research Associate at Imperial College, London. I am working on developing a tool to quantify the risk of international spread of outbreaks. I completed my PhD from Western Sydney University in the esoteric field of Algebraic Biology. During my PhD, I worked on building algebraic models for the ways in which large scale changes happen in an organism’s genome. Before moving to academia, I worked as a software engineer for around 5 years.

Research Interests

I am interested in probing biological systems using mathematical and computational tools. I’ve worked on a wide range of topics - from phylogenetics using algebraic methods to studying pain response using a convolution model. I’m always looking for exciting problems in the field of mathematical biology.

Another area in which I like to dabble is the use of the web to illuminate complex ideas. I am an amateur web developer and like to play around with D3, Leaflet and other javascript toys in my spare time.


I love talking about my work (who doesn’t?) and about science and maths in general. I’ve been involved in a number of outreach activities with school kids of various ages.


You can email me on sangeetabhatia03@gmail.com.

About this page

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